Rental Contract / Damage Waiver

This the Rental Contract/Damage Waiver. When you are ready to rent from us we will send this to you via email as a PDF. All of our rentals will require an acknowledgement of our rental contract through email and it your responsibility to read our terms. A credit card is also required to be kept on file. The name on the credit card has to match the name of the renter.


Excessive damage or negligence, and any items that are lost or not returned will incur a replacement charge that will be billed to the customer’s credit card on file.  If an item(s) can be repaired, we will let you know.

The replacement cost of all items not returned to or picked up by U Save Event Rentals will be charged to the contracted customer.  U Save Event Rentals reserves the right to charge these costs to the credit card on file for the event payments.  If the missing items are returned to U Save Event Rentals within 5 days, the cost will be reimbursed.

Any item not returned (including crates and racks), linen that has mold, candle wax on linen, burn holes on linen, excessive amounts of breakage (negligence, water damage) including items left out in rain or sprinklers, stains due to using coloured material or crepe paper in contact with tents.

Lessee (contracted customer) is responsible for personal injuries or property damage as set forth in the Rental Contract or operation of the equipment.  A rental period begins when you pick up the rented equipment/items and/or begins when the rented equipment/items have been delivered.

You will be notified of all charges by phone or email within 14 days of rented equipment/items return/pickup.



  • Date of original deposit until 180 days prior to pickup/delivery date will receive an 75% refund to the credit card charged (25% non-refundable administrative charge).
  • 180 days until 7 days prior to pickup/delivery date will receive a 50% refund (50% non-refundable administrative charge).

Special Order Items – Including linen & items that are sub-rented:

  • Within 29 days, no refunds are issued on Special Order Items.

Tables, Chairs, Benches, and any other items not previously specified above:

  • Date of original deposit until 90 days prior to prior to pickup/delivery date will receive a 75% refund to the credit card charged (25% non-refundable administrative charge).
  • 90 days until 7 days prior to pickup/delivery date will receive a 60% refund (40% non-refundable administrative charge).
  • Within 7 days of event, NO REFUNDS ARE ISSUED.

Refunds (as per our cancellation policy) are issued within 30 days to the customer.  An email confirmation will confirm your refund; please remember debit (and some credit cards) post with a delay, as per customers’ bank policies.

FORCE MAJEURE – Unforeseeable circumstances that will prevent USave Event Rentals from fulfilling contract:

Common triggering events specifically referenced in force majeure clauses include:

  1. acts of God, landslide, flood, tempest, washout, fire, lightning, disaster, earthquake, and storm;
  2. actions of military, naval, or civil authority, the Queen’s or a public enemy, war, revolution, political disturbance, and terrorism;
  3. civil disturbance;
  4. expropriation, acts or restraints of a governmental body or authority, and failure to obtain a requisite permit or authorization from a governmental authority by reason of any statute, law, or Order-In-Council, or any regulation or order passed or made pursuant thereto or by reason of the order or direction of any administrator, controller, or board, or any governmental department or officer or other authority, or by reason of not being able to obtain any permission or authority required thereby;
  5. unusual delay by common carriers;
  6. sabotage, rebellion, vandalism, riot, blockade, insurrection, strike, lockout, and explosion;
  7. power failure and non-availability of labour, materials service, equipment, goods, or utility; and
  8. pandemic (including COVID-19),  epidemic, lockdown in both Durham Region and city where your event is to take place, and quarantine.

INCLEMENT WEATHER/HURRICANE POLICY (Please have a “Plan B” for inclement weather):


If lessee cancels the event for any reason (including projected weather) within 7 days of event date, no refunds will be given for any reason.

We reserve the right to deny setup of equipment due to high winds and/or weather we deem unsafe for our staff or your guests.  USave Event Rentals will not be held responsible for personal injury caused by continued use of equipment during in-climate or unsafe weather.


U Save Event Rentals herein called Lessor, and the undersigned, herein called Lessor, and the undersigned, herein called, Lessee.  This agreement constitutes a Waiver and Release of Liability, whereby the participant agrees to release, discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnify U Save Event Rentals, it’s owners’, agents, officers and employees from any and all claims, actions or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services or otherwise which may arise out of Lessee’s use of U Save Event Rentals equipment/services.  By signing this document, Lessee acknowledges he/she specifically understands they are releasing, discharging and waiving any claims or actions that they may have at the present time, or in the future, for the negligent acts, omissions or other conduct by the owners, agents, officers, employees or of U Save Event Rentals.

Lessee shall obey all provincial, federal and local regulations, laws, ordinances and lawful directives from appropriate emergency or law enforcement personnel, while operating or renting equipment and/or products from U Save Event Rentals.  Lessee is solely responsible for any citation or violation occurring during the use of, or as the result of using, rental equipment from U Save Event Rentals.

Lessee represents that he/she is capable of safely operating and handling the equipment and/or products.  Lessee represents that he/she has adequate skills, knowledge and experience to safely complete the planned activity.

Lessee shall bear all risk and responsibility of and for any and all damage, loss or theft of the rental equipment and/or products, or any portions thereof, including, but not limited to, vandalism or theft, and shall pay U Save Event Rentals the full cost of repair or replacement.

RECOGNITION OF RISK:  Lessee expressly acknowledges that all equipment and/or product rentals are activities with inherent risks of injury to persons and property.  Lessee IS AWARE OF THOSE RISKS AND UNDERSTANDS THEM.  Lessee alone has determined the sufficiency of any safety gear or other precautions that the participant decides to take to minimize the risks of the activity.  No party related to the Lessor, including the owners and their employees, has made any representations regarding the safety of, or the risks of, the participant’s activity.  This includes cancellation of activity in case of lockdown/restrictions due COVID-19.  Lessee EXPRESSLY ASSUMES THE RISKS OF THE ACTIVITY.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY:  Lessee hereby RELEASES Lessor (U Save Event Rentals), its owners and its employees from liability for negligence and HOLDS HARMLESS the Lessor, its owners and its employees from any loss, expense or cost, including attorney fees, arising out of any damages or injuries, whether to persons or property occurring as a result of the rental or use of U Save Event Rentals equipment and/or products.

To the extent that any portion of the Agreement is deemed to be invalid under the law of the applicable jurisdiction, the remaining portions of the Agreement shall remain binding and available for use by the Host and its counsel in any proceeding.


Permission and/or special use fees are never the responsibility of U Save Event Rentals and its staff for any event.

It is the responsibility of the Lessee (undersigned) to obtain permission to have the event on the premises of the designated delivery/event location (as per the order confirmation #).  The Lessee is responsible for arrangements with the realty company, venue, and/or property owner(s) and are also liable for any fees required for events on the premises.  It the Lessee’s responsibility to return the equipment/property rented from U Save Event Rentals to an acceptable condition after the event.


Delivery charges are based on ground level drop off in the carport/driveway area that is accessible (by hand truck) in front of your location.  At the end of your rental, all items MUST be neatly stacked in the same condition as delivered and returned to the same location for pick up to avoid additional charges. 

Delivery is made to convenient point for delivery vehicle to park. Extra charges will result in deliveries to upstairs, elevator use or any point where extra time is involved. Lessor’s service does not include set up and knock down of tables and chairs. If this service is required, arrangements must be made several days prior to delivery with a special charge quoted. If no arrangements are made and this service is desired on delivery, our driver must call for authorization. If time permits, we will try to accommodate you after quoting the price. On pick up where no prior arrangements have been made and equipment is not knocked down and assembled in the same location as delivery, if time permits, the pickup crew will knockdown and load all equipment at the expense of the Lessee. A knockdown fee will result if equipment is still up.

All obstacles in the way of setting up the rented equipment need to be removed from the area, that includes tree branches that could be a hazard to the tent.  U Save Event Rentals are not authorized to touch or move anything that could be in the way.  If the clearing of the area takes more than 10 minutes there will be a $10.00 charge for every 10 minutes after the first 10.


The leased equipment shall at all times be and remain the sole and exclusive property of Lessor. Lessee shall have only the rights to use the equipment in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Lessor shall have the right to display notice of its ownership of the equipment by display of an identifying stencil, plate or other marking, and Lessee agrees that it will not remove or cover such markings without the written permission of Lessor. It is expressly intended and agreed that the equipment shall be personal property even though it may be affixed or attached to real estate. The equipment shall not be removed from the place of delivery or installation without the express written permission of Lessor.

Lessee acknowledges that Lessee has had an opportunity to personally inspect the equipment and finds it suitable for Lessee’s needs and in good condition. Lessee understands its proper use. Lessee further acknowledges Lessee responsibility to inspect the equipment prior to its use and to notify Lessor of any defects.

Upon completion of your event and prior to 9am the day of your scheduled pickup/drop-off, you are responsible for the following:

*If you rented a tent from us, all décor items must be removed, this includes items provided by any hired florist, designer or other vendor.

*Chairs and tables must be re-stacked and placed in original delivery location by designated pickup time or additional charges will be incurred.  If your stacked chairs are delivered/picked up with a cover, then you must recover the chairs after stacking. 

*Linen should be debris free (shaken) and placed in linen bags provided (and if there is not enough room in the linen bags, the remainder should be placed in clear trash bags and clearly marked for pickup by our staff).  If linen is wet, hang to dry before placing in the linen bags as you will be responsible for complete replacement if mold and/or mold smell should arise from wet linen thrown into linen bags.

Please make sure you do not put any of your or other vendors items in the same location as items rented from U Save Event Rentals.  U Save Event Rentals are not responsible for any items accidently picked up with our rentals.  Should this occur, we will attempt to locate the items however, we cannot guarantee they can be located.  Any fees associated with delivering the items back to you will be charged to the credit card on file.  If we do locate your items, to avoid delivery fees you are welcome to arrange a time to pick them up.

Following the above steps will enable us to perform an accurate count upon return of the rental items contracted to you and help you avoid any additional fees.  Please call (289) 886-0624 with any questions.